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This project is actually in pre-production.

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Lacroix sans sa croix

Genre: Documentary feature film.


Duration: 80 minutes.


Logline: The artistic rebirth of Christian Lacroix.

Theme: self-realization through surpassing oneself.


Sinopsis: Christian Lacroix is mainly known for his triumph in haute couture during the 80s, 90s and 00s. However, he has always lived his success as a deep sham. The artist has always suffered  from a particular imposter syndrome since his triumphant beginnings. Deep down, he considers all of his work as non-authentic. He has always worked to successively satisfy his various commanditors (La Maison Patou, his own fashion house belonging to the LVMH group, of which he has since lost the rights, as well as the commercial use of his own name.) He then took refuge in his own company "XCLX", from which he works as an interior designer for hotels, exhibitions, and other collaborations as a costume designer, or artistic director.

At 69, despite this bitter statement over his career, he is about to embark headlong, and this for the first time in his life, in a project that is not an external command. We will follow him on this new artistic adventure, where it is above all, a matter of looking himself right in the face in order to accept his failures, but also his successes.The point is to finally overcome and transcend his previous works towards something new. To do so, he will have to face many demons rooted in his extraordinary personality. Will he be capable of bringing up these moments of grace, to which he aspires so deeply? Will he be able to create freely, despite his schedule always overloaded with commands? Will age issues related to his nomadic “workaholic” lifestyle, end up undermining his creative genius, so far intact until then? Will he be able to self-realize himself once and for all, when everything pushes him to retire, including his delicate (physical and psychological) health?

Before our privileged eyes, Christian will try to get rid of his traumatic burden, resulting from the fierceness of the most disembodied capitalism towards an artist's soul.

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