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My name is Bruno Tarrius, I'm from the south of France.

I graduated in Documentary filmmaking in ESCAC film school (Barcelona).

I also did one year of screenwritting there.

I stopped briefly at L'INIS (Montréal), to learn more about creative documentaries.

I enjoy doing film photography, and some styling too.

Escac Films helped me to launch my first feature documentary: "Lucy In The Sky"; wich is also my graduation project.

While doing so, I've been working as an advertising model/"actor", being represented by La Central.

I've been a professor of documentary filmmaking in Barcelona/Perpignan film school L'IDEM.

My second feature documentary "Le Silence Des Pierres" is actually in production, with the support of Paris based  production company Daisy Days Films.


I am now currently working on my third feature documentary: "Lacroix sans sa croix".


I am also writting my first feature fiction film "El Desamparo", that I'm willing to direct too.

Please contact me:

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